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Fort Boyard was to form a line of fortification with Fort ene and Fort de La rade on île-d'iks to protect the Arsenal of Rochefort from Royal Navy incursions. Due to the limited range of artillery in the 17th century, the fields of fire between the fortifications on the Islands of AIX and oléron did not overlap. Fort knights the shore, approximately in the middle between them, would fill this gap. In 1692 the French engineer, Decomps started to plan the programme for the construction of the Fort, however, once it became clear how expensive it would be to abandon the scheme, Vova, the leading military engineer of Louis XIV, advised him: "Your Majesty, it would be easier to grasp the moon teeth than to try to undertake such a commitment in this place." After the British RAID on Ile d AKS in 1757 plans for a Fort on Boyard Bank was again considered. Although the plans have been made, some problems again influenced the subsequent construction and use of the Fort. Efforts were resumed under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1800, and the following year engineers, Ferragam and Armand Samuel de Marescot and Vice-Admiral françois étienne de Rosily-Macros designed the Fort, which was built on the shore. To facilitate the work of the port was established on the island of oléron. The village of Barwell was built for the workers. The first stage of construction was the creation of a plateau, some 100 by 50 m (330 by 160 ft), which acted as the Foundation. On the shore was laid stones. To see a panorama of the Fort Vauban and views of the Fort Boyart is possible and on a computer in real time. This includes a web camera with the online stream. It is worth saying that the project was suspended in 1809. Construction resumed in 1837, under Louis-Philippe after the resumption of tensions in the United Kingdom. The fortifications were completed in 1857, with enough space for a garrison of 250 men. However, by the time of its completion, the range of cannons had significantly increased, which made the Fort unnecessary for national defence.

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