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Frejus is a commune on the Cote d'Azur of the region in the southeast of France. He is adjacent to Saint-Raphael, effectively forming one city. To the north of the commune is part of the massif of Esterel. On December 2, 1959, the Malpaset dam on the Rairan River over Frejus burst, killing more than 400 people. The origins of Frejus probably lie with the Celtic-Ligurian people who settled around the natural harbor of Aegytna. The remains of the defensive wall are still visible on Mont-Auriasque and Cap-Capelin. Phocaeans from Marseilles later installed an outpost on the site. The city was strategically located at an important intersection, formed by Via Julia Augusta (which passed between Italy and the Rhone) and through Domitiana. Although today there are few traces of the settlement, it is known that the famous poet Cornelius Gall was born there in 67 BC. Julius Caesar wanted to oust Massalia, and he founded the city as "Julius Forum", which means "Julius market", he also named his port "Claustra Maris" (sea barrier). The exact date of foundation is unclear, but it was, of course, until 43 BC, as it appears in the correspondence between the Plan and Cicero and 49 BC. Today, there are well-equipped golf courses, you can see them in real time thanks to the web camera installed here. Online broadcasting is round the clock.

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