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It's time to go back to the open spaces of nature and enjoy the beautiful mountain forks. As you might have guessed, it's certainly about the ski resort, which once again brought us to the expanses of France. It remains only to get comfortable and start to actively enjoy the accessible and interesting spaces of this place. Do not expect too much from this camera, but nevertheless it will allow just to get a portion of pleasant emotions from watching a small resort town and nature. In the center of the review there is a huge mountain, which majestically watches all the tourists from the village with a high. The village itself is equipped with modern style and does not have any features. Considering that sometimes skiers from the right to the left pass, we can conclude that along this trajectory there is a walking route. Of course, there are not many people, but it is worthwhile to understand that their main attention is paid to the main descent, which unfortunately did not fall under the main review. But the frame fell trees, which perfectly complement the picture and the atmosphere of observation of this and an interesting place. It is worth noting that it is interesting to observe the village and at night, as the village is filled with bright light colors and just glows against the backdrop of a huge mountain. Given the abundance of snow, the glow gets the aura effect, reflected from the snow cover. Therefore, watching the village becomes quite interesting and curious. Sometimes a strong wind falls on the mountain and the snow, like a mighty blizzard, unfolds on the slope, filling every corner with a snowfall. Of course, because of this, the possibility of a review falls, but the picture looks more original. So do not waste time and just watch such a calm, pleasant and simply amazing place. Best wishes to you!

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