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About webcam "Sandy beaches" in the city Fort-Mahon-Plage

The main beach of Fort-Mahon is located on the Avenue. There is a small area with first aid (June to September) and dikes, leading to the South and North of the resort. The beach is sandy and stretches for several kilometers. Is controlled only the area with first aid. He is also designated as a Handiplage providing tiralo (see rescue). During the day in Fort Mahon charged Parking. On the streets there are several places perpendicular to the main alley. In the marine centre has a large car Park. Sandy beaches here attract tourists every year from all over the world to assess their attractiveness, you are invited to watch the broadcast from the event in real time. The picture quality can not please, the beaches are not visible in detail, but some useful notes for yourself to do just. The best time to view the video in real-time. online stream available in any country in the world where there is a network connection.

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