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Who said that in Europe you can not find truly interesting places? For example, it is possible to find a special place, which at first sight does not differ from the tropical islands in the ocean. But in fact it's just France and a small island in the open sea. Due to this unusual location, the island has become quite a unique resort and has allowed people to feel on tropical islands. And to see for yourself in such an unusual arrangement, it is enough to use our special camera, which in live mode will show that it is not so difficult to find such a place. Your view will appear beach t palm trees, which immediately convey the atmosphere of the resort and a pleasant stay. The beach is not so big, but its expanses are enough for a pleasant pastime. In the distance, you can see the coastline of the city, which in the daytime is only a small town, and by the evening is lit up with colorful lights and light, filling the environment with a pleasant atmosphere of fairy-tale. Sometimes yachts float by the sea, and people spend time on the beach. It remains only to carefully monitor the activity of this place and you can enjoy a pleasant company of an unusual place. Quite interesting is the situation when in this corner of the world there is a small storm. In real time, you will see how the palm trees tremble and is worried about the sea. The spectacle is so interesting that it simply can not be conveyed in words. The main thing is to catch the right moment and try to be imbued with the situation itself. We are sure that you will get something like that, you need only patience and the opportunity to wait. Now you have replenished the piggy bank of online cameras with another option, which is surely useful when you want to relax and relax. We wish you a pleasant stay and a great mood!

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