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Who wouldn't want to see Paris, the city which is always unmatched atmosphere of love. A suburb of the Anti-Mon is one of the most beautiful places, where the stay unforgettable. The web camera is installed, opens the beauty of this place to everyone and even to those who for whatever reason are not able to travel. The device operates around the clock, updating images every few seconds. Including broadcast, it is impossible not to wonder how the French used to come to invested site. Here not only defined a special relationship to the cleanliness of the streets, but also the desire to elevate all around. Between green spaces and clean-shaven lawn, there are benches for those who decide to vacation here. Nearby Parking for cars with strictly scribed boundary between them. Webcam captures small buildings around a road and pedestrian crossing. In the evening this place lanterns, but more to see the silhouettes of people becomes difficult. If you are only going to visit Paris and do not know what cultural program yourself to think of a web camera installed is an ideal tool to pre-pave. To evaluate the merits of an area, certain landmarks. For motorists, the picture supplied by the web camera is a good helper, which lets you know about traffic jams or markup, as well as the number of seats available in the Parking lot.

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