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France – amazing in its beauty and number of attractions, the country in whose territory there is always something to see and to wonder,even if you come here not for the first time. There are a few objects that cause more interest to tourists, for example, the Eiffel tower, promenade with beaches and so on. To see most of the sights today through the screen of your own computer. Broadcast quality and allow users to details object. Worth your attention promenade with beaches, its territory has a remarkable infrastructure, and the government took care over that then the tourists feel comfortable. Webcam installed covers the area of the object with the side which is more interesting to the user network. Through this video you can learn more for yourself about what it looks like the promenade, that there are notable and where is best to go when I get there. The device operates around the clock, in real time, all incoming information is what is currently happening in the territory of the embankment. The camera has no night mode, so with the onset of sunset, the picture becomes worse, the lack of the necessary light source causes deterioration of the quality of the shot. Especially beautiful picture is presented to the user after sunset, when included thousands of lights. If the camera had not been so removed, it would be difficult to assess the scale of construction and its beauty. It was an amazing sight that is certainly worth your attention, off it is difficult, it captivates and excites the imagination, the time will fly by unnoticed.

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