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Are you ready to get out again from the city bustle to the expanses of beautiful nature? Then we suggest that you once again poison yourself in the open spaces of France and visit the embankment, water surfing in the city of Santec. This place is very popular with surfers, since the waves here sometimes reach large sizes. Users will be able to personally enjoy this process, however, only in the warm season. And if you visit the place in the cool and cold times, there will be no surfers. Do not worry, because the camera is far away, so you can not see the athletes. But the review opens a huge beach, a piece of the waterfront and other interesting places, most importantly, just watch from all the interesting expanses and try to carefully examine them. For example, on the horizon you can see another embankment, which has another city on the outskirts. It is seen very badly, but the fact of the existence of urban areas is confirmed by high buildings and white architecture. If we look to the right, it will be seen that this place is a gulf, since the boundary of the water space goes beyond the horizon. A pleasant sensation is created by the lawns, which are under the camera itself and delight with its greenish shade. Similarly, a parking lot is open to the eyes, which almost never empties. On the other hand, this place is central in terms of the entrance to the beach and the embankment, so there you can note the high activity of people who come here to dream, just take a walk and enjoy the pleasant sea breeze. In any case, you can certainly get a lot of fun, you only need to correctly calculate all available options and start enjoying the active gameplay. Do not worry, you will definitely succeed. We wish you a pleasant viewing!

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