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The main beach of Saint-valéry-EN-Caux is located on the right Bank of the port. Consists mainly of pebbles, the Eastern part is controlled in the summer season (near the casino), there is a place to relax and the rocks of Amenta. Heading West, the beach continues to the harbour entrance and is divided into sector breakwaters. The environment is very nice, but the pebble is relatively large. Please note that Saint-valéry-EN-Caux is the busiest resort in the pace of de-Ko, with many shops, hotels and beach restaurants (open all year). There are two Parking lots. The biggest is the casino of Saint-Valery. The second in the port's waterfront. You should definitely see coming here on the Bay with ancient architecture, which is now available via web camera. The device works in real time, stream is conducted around the clock, and it is available to anyone online.

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