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In Germany a lot of interesting in their own cities, which cannot be fully seen from a bird's eye view, but from there everything looks very different. Today technological progress has given us a unique opportunity to see these pictures, which previously we had not even dreamed. A unique invention of the web camera allows you to illuminate the monuments and the whole city to the whole world by providing free access to everyone to the live broadcast. This survey is conducted round the clock in real-time to connect to it simply enough to have access to the Internet. Augsburg is quite a popular German city, which is visited annually by thousands of tourists. If earlier it was possible to see coming here, and only from the earth, it is now possible to discover the view from the height. In this perspective, it appears to us in a different light, when the sun, be pronounced the street, at home thanks to the lighting the lights. All the space covered by the camera is transformed, is it worth it to spend a few minutes of your time. In the afternoon you can see a German city in the classical manner, in the frame of fall not only residential areas, but the river, industrial buildings, and more.

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