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The airport in its modern performance is an integral part of the global message. This is one of the main objects, providing access to other countries and cities in a short time. It was traveling by plane that made our life more interesting, expanded the borders, allowed us to save personal time. The airport and the adjoining highway in Berlin are now widely covered on the Internet by means of a web camera installed opposite the object. Its location was chosen for a reason, from such a height the device covers the lens with a large area. In the frame of round-the-clock broadcast, the main line gets, but not all, but only the part behind which the airport is located. This is a six-lane road with separating curbs, along it you can reach the runway and airport buildings. Behind the track is a huge empty gassy area. To see from here and consider buildings will be almost impossible, but on the computer when the player is zoomed to full screen, some objects become more clearly visible. Captures the camera and the sky, so it is also a reliable source of operational information on weather conditions on the airport. In the distance you can see the planes taking off and landing.

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