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Even if you ever were in Cologne or definitely going to visit it, you'll never see it from a bird's flight so that you have time to consider it fully, effortlessly. Today, the opportunity was each enough to have a phone, computer or tablet and an Internet connection that will allow you to run on the device video stream. Thanks installed the webcam in front of each user with an incredible view. In this city you have not seen ever, even with the window of the plane when it flew. Panorama from the heights of the Cologne is an opportunity to assess the scale of the buildings, to see how located on site areas, key enterprises and docks for ships and much more. Technical progress has stepped far forward, thanks to the available possibilities of the modern city can be seen at either end of the planet in real time on a computer screen. Now to travel the world, climb to unimaginable peaks, there is no need to spend extra money and time simply to have an Internet connection. The web camera mounted above the city takes a picture of the clock in real time, at different times of the day the picture changes. In the afternoon you may want to consider the overall architecture of the buildings in the city, with the onset of dusk, and then darkness opens before you a completely different sight. The city is lit with thousands of lights, the stores included lighting, headlights from passing through the streets of the machine becomes particularly visible. It is in the night time the city begins to live a second life which is often behind the scenes.

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