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German cities are famous for the amazing architecture, visitors come here not only to enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere and taste of beer, but also walk through the ancient streets, to see the monuments. The old square in the city of Hamburg is of particular interest to tourists, but no need to buy a ticket to the country and spend the money on a trip when you can see the object in real time from our website through a live stream. Video active only in the online mode, so the user should have a good network connection, if you want to enjoy the picture. Lens cameras aimed down upon the side of the square, stream captures the roof of nearby houses, the river and the clock tower. The best time for viewing the video of the day, when the sun fully illuminates the subject and nothing can hide from the gaze of the user. Access to the broadcast can get absolutely any user regardless of his geographic location. This is a unique opportunity in real time to know not only what is happening in the country, but also what the weather's like. Unique in its own way a view from a place where it was decided to install a webcam. Unfortunately, the device is not in the functionality of the ability to rotate the screen, like night mode, but the lights of the city after sunset is enough to enjoy a completely different view of the Old square. Meet the object, examine it in detail, increasing the image broadcast on the screen, the webcam is working around the clock, and therefore the video is available to you at any time.

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