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If we talk about Europe, Hamburg is one of the largest ports, located on the confluence of the river Elbe in the North sea. The emblem of this city shows the gate, that's why it's simply called "gateway to the world". It's safe to say that the port is the backbone of the economy of this city. Thanks to him, Hamburg is not only growing but also ready to accommodate the tourists. Every day to the port stick more than a dozen ships here bring not only food, clothes and parcels, there are passenger flights. The port as a strategic asset of the city, it has great importance, that is why the government give to its development a lot of time and money. The port area is strictly protected and not pass on it allowed any interested person, however, not to mention the discontent of the employees of the facility when it go wrong, it is not complying with safety rules. For those interested in the port has installed a web camera, with which now to learn more and see first-person the territory of the port without leaving the house, simply turn on the webcam. The device was mounted so that you can get a great panoramic view of the port. From the picture is visible not only equipped waterfront with docks for ships, but the ship. The webcam works around the clock, even at night stream does not stop, but to examine something in detail is difficult. In the frame are only visible lights from passing ships or soiled, but at night and activity at the port reduced, if you want to see what the traffic is better start with the dawn. From this angle boasts truly incredible views, especially if you've never seen a single port in my life, it's a spectacle you are sure to impress.

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