Webcam Reykjavik - Jochulsaarlon Lake in Vatnajökull Park

Веб камера Рейкьявик Озеро Йёкюльсаурлоун в парке Ватнайокюдль

About webcam "Jochulsaarlon Lake in Vatnajökull Park" in the city Reykjavik

And now let's get back to the Iceland and go back into the curious observation of various open spaces. For example, what do you say about spending your free time with the webcam of Lake Jochulsarlon in Vatnayokull Park in the city Reykjavik? Yes, it is located exclusively near the lake in the park, but there is a rather interesting detail at this place - there are glaciers here. Of course, they are not as huge as you can imagine, but the very fact of their existence already introduces diversity into the process of observation. In addition to them you can see the coast, which is constantly filled with tourists and an additional part of the lake.

In addition to the listed details and features of this place, I would like to note that the webcam of Lake Yokulsarlon in Vatnayokull Park in the city of Reykjavik also offers an unusual atmosphere. The fact is that due to the peculiarities of the climate, fog is constantly holding up in this place. It is not so thick, but it still adds a bit of originality to the observation process, which you will probably like. As for the activity, here it remains to observe only the tourists, who take great photos with pleasure and just pleasantly complement this place with their presence.

The webcam for Lake Jokulsarlon in Vatnajökull Park in Reykjavik is available at any time, but it’s worth noting that it isn’t covered, therefore, it’s better to watch in the daytime. Do not worry, you will find a lot of interesting things in this place, the main thing is to focus and just enjoy the moment. Good luck!

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