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The small Church of Saints Peter and Paul, which is located in Italy, namely a small town called Tarvisio, attracts the attention of tourists. Today the trip to Italy takes not enough funds from the budget, but nevertheless, many would like to see in reality, what constitutes this structure. Now such possibility has appeared thanks to installed nearby the web camera. It fully covers the area around the Church and the building itself. It is seen that the area in front of the Church is not large, all executed in the traditional Italian style, including the design of the Church. The spot where the building is located near the mountains, it is not difficult to see from the image given by the camera. Behind the building in good weather the mountains are perfectly visible. The webcam is broadcast all that is happening around the clock in real time. After sunset shooting becomes difficult. Due to the lack of sufficient consecration and poorly visible street and square, therefore it is better to wait when in Italy will be the crack of dawn to expound on the Church.

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