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The Venetian beaches of Italy and the islands surrounding the Venetian mainland are among the sights of the Veneto region. Near Venice there are many places to relax, and you can see the view of the beaches from Park Hotel Chioggia through a webcam lens. Some of them are better suited for swimming and sunbathing than others, and some are private, while others are available to the public. Lido Venice Beach is probably the most popular and most certainly touristy, especially during the summer months.

The island, often called Lido, is a seven-mile sandbank located between the mainland of Venice and the Adriatic Sea. Lido Venice Beach is a general term for the entire coastal area accessible along the sandy beach. Lido is divided into three different settlements. Lido is the northern part of the island where the Venice Film Festival is held every year. Malamocco is the oldest settlement on the island, it is located in the center. The southern tip is called Alberoni. The beaches of Italy in Venice in the central part of the island are mostly reserved as private beaches for hotel guests, such as Excelsior and Des Bains.

There are a couple of exceptions with several public beaches scattered between them, but if you don’t stay in one of the hotels on the Lido, it would be much easier just to go to the south or north-east edge of the island where you can find two large public beaches . Coco Beach is a popular public holiday destination that is filled with tourists in the summer. Blue Moon beach is also popular with tourists, as is Lido Venezia. It is best to evaluate the beaches through the lens of a web camera, the broadcast of which is available on this page around the clock. All information enters the network in real time.

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