Webcam Venice - The square before the Church of Santa Maria Formosa

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About webcam "The square before the Church of Santa Maria Formosa" in the city Venice

Italy is an attractive country from the tourist side, in whose territory there is always something to see. Travelers especially appreciate the tranquility, beautiful nature, special atmosphere, architectural monuments and of course cuisine. The most famous dish of Italy is pizza and pasta with pasta. Having tasted the selected dish in a local pizzeria, you understand why some people stay here forever. Most tourists come to the country not only to enjoy food, but also to see cultural monuments, churches.

The square in front of the church of Santa Maria Formosa is one of the places where people like to gather. This is a fairly large area, which can accommodate up to several hundred people. The square is covered with paving stones, residential and administrative buildings are located around it. This is a great place in Venice, where you can spend time for the benefit of yourself, explore the church from the side of architectural features, see its interior, take some interesting photos. A webcam was installed on the square, allowing people from all over the world to see and evaluate the object.

The device is installed so that all users who are interested in the broadcast can find out for themselves the most useful information. The picture quality is excellent, only at night, due to the lack of night shooting on the device, the picture becomes less contrast. Only the windows of the nearest buildings get into the frame, the square itself remains a hidden veil of darkness, and all because there is not enough light on it. You can inspect the object with benefit for yourself after dawn, when the sun's rays begin to illuminate even the most remote corners of the area.

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