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Warsaw length of the bridge with viaducts is 479 meters. It is located on two road lanes in each direction and two lanes for pedestrians and cyclists. The Central 90-foot 48 metal pole attached to ropes stretched to the base of the bridge. On the right Bank starts with the design of the pylon, while the left side is supported by two pillars. The bridge of the Holy cross in Warsaw with the viaduct consists of seven spans. Carefully thought-out illumination accentuates the bridge and from height of bird's flight it looks like a big cross with radiating bright rays. On the left Bank at the entrance to the bridge has a coat of arms and symbol of the capital of Poland – Warsaw mermaid (Syrena). The statue of the sculptor Ludwika Nicola, founded in 1939, initially it was planned to install on the pillar in the middle of the Vistula, but then it found its place on the waterfront. Bronze inspired beauty with a shield and sword at any moment ready to come to the defense of the city.

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