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Constanta, formerly known as Kustendye, Kyustendze, Tomis, is Romania's largest sea port and the second on the Black Sea, the largest city in the Dobruja region and on the Black Sea coast of Romania, the administrative center of the county of Constanta.

There are mineral springs in the vicinity of the city. Stretched sea beaches. Main production: leather industry and production of containers for petroleum products. The beach resort of Mamaya is located north of Constanta.

On the site of Constanta stood the city of Toma - an ancient Greek colony on the Black Sea, founded around 500 BC. e. for trade. The name probably originated from the Ancient Greek - a cut, a cross-section. According to some reports, the founder was the king of Colchis Eet. In the year 29 BC. e. the area was conquered by the Romans. In 8 AD, the poet Ovidus, who died here 8 years later, was exiled here by Augustus. In Constance on the Ovid Square now stands a monument to the poet. Later, the city was renamed Constantiana in honor of Constance, the half-sister of Constantine the Great (274-337). For the first time under the name Constantia the city is mentioned in 950.

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