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The city of Belorechensk cannot be called one of the populous, but an on-site train station, from which international trains depart, so there are always a lot of people from other cities. The object today is widely covered with screen computers strategically placed on the streets Webcams. One of the devices is in front of the city administration and allows you to see the building from the outside to the fullest. In addition to the structure of the web camera shows the area in front of the entrance to the property, pavement and neighboring buildings. There is also a car Park which just enters the frame. Webcam working around the clock in real time, therefore, everything that happens on the screen is the operational information you could get. Around the administration installed lights, which are designed to illuminate the area around it. Despite this, when the sun completely sets, the picture quality is much worse, and all because the lighting is not enough for full illumination of the object. If you look closely in the zone of incidence of the rays you can see the silhouettes of passing people, the rest of the illuminated object remains in the dark. Near the property are not rare events on the city level, if you wanted to, but couldn't get at it, the web camera will allow you not only to see what is happening, but to hear.

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