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About webcam "The area in front of the Elna Plaza" in the city Beloretschensk

Most Russian cities today want their way of life was widely covered in the mass, so the administration gives permission to install on-site web cameras, allowing you to see not only sights, but also residential areas, sites not of tourist interest, but allowing to create an impression of the city. Buy in was also installed a few devices, one of which is aimed at the area in front of the Elne Plaza. The area of the square is surprising in its scope, it can sleep a dozen people, which is used by local authorities when carrying out some activities. the area of the square paved with brick tiles, so the surface is smooth for rollerblading and Biking. Webcam covers not only the area, but the nearest buildings. It works in real time around the clock, so if your friends are now there, it will surely see and learn. Except the image webcam delivers high-quality sound and. At night, the photo quality is getting worse, and all because the lighting is located at the edge of the square. If you enable the broadcast the night it will be visible only those areas of the viewable area over which there is a concentrated and powerful light source.

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