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If you have seen the Kislovodsk from the ground, it's not the same if you saw it from the height of bird flight. With such a perspective before you open up a completely different picture, like the settlement at a glance, you can see the overall architecture, the idea of the author, who for many decades have progressed and expanded the city. Abroad and in Russia Kislovodsk is known as the city in which there is a huge variety of resorts. People come here to improve their health and simple to make use of for yourself leave, take a break from life and enjoy those advantages which offer him treatment. One of the most famous resorts Fortress, it is equipped high quality and modern equipment, has comfortable rooms for stay and food, featuring healthy and nutritious food. To see the view of the city from sanatorium Fortress, but to save on cost, you can activate the online broadcast, you will be able in real time to explore Kislovodsk. The camera was mounted in such a place, to cover more areas, such a provision allows users worldwide to obtain the maximum useful information for themselves. Webcam working around the clock, in the evening hours overlooking the sunset, the streets of the city at this point begins to burn different shades. After the sunset can be seen only the lights of the distant city and traffic flow, on the device there is no night mode, so the picture changes dramatically. the stream is supplied smoothly, the problems can only arise if the user has a poor connection.

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