Webcam Kislovodsk - Mir station on mount Elbrus

See on webcam Mir station on mount Elbrus and watch the weather in Kislovodsk

About webcam "Mir station on mount Elbrus" in Kislovodsk

Mir station on mount Elbrus – the object which is inaccessible to the eye of the common man. Usually there come only people engaged in scientific activity in a given direction, but who wouldn't at least once look at the station. Recalling the lesson of geography say that the station is located at Kislovodsk, in the County plenty of places for your comfort, but most of all interested in the World. Today, any Internet user can allocate some free time to see what a station, it is enough to have the desire and the network. Webcam installed here, sent to shoot the object around the clock in real time. In the night time flow of images continues, but all events are represented in black and white. The device works without a hitch, despite the weather conditions. This is a unique opportunity to see not only the station but also its surrounding nature, including mountains, hills, weather. Real-time suggests that all supplied information, no matter in which country of the world is viewing the video user.

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