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Krasnodar, southwestern Russia, extending northward from the crest line of the Caucasus mountains across the plains East of the Black sea and the Azov sea to the Taganrog Bay. Plain, crossed by the Kuban and other rivers flowing to the sea of Azov, they form two-thirds of the region. Their steppe grass vegetation on rich soils are almost entirely under cultivation.

On the Azov coast stretch widespread salt marshes and lagoons. The southern part of the region occupied by the Western Caucasus, which reaches 12 434 feet (3790 meters) in mount Psis (in the neighboring Karachay-Cherkess Republic). The mountains gradually drop in height in the West that run parallel to the Black sea, from which they are separated by a narrow coastal plain. The mountain slopes are covered with deciduous forests, above - Alpine meadows and coniferous. Kuban river – go South-West Russia. It is 563 miles (906 km) in length. It rises from glaciers on mount Elbrus in the greater Caucasus and flows North through narrow gorges with many rapids to the Stavropol upland, where it turns West in a broad swampy floodplain to enter the sea of Azov. Most of the water is diverted for irrigation. The river is navigable to Krasnodar.

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