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Maykop is a town in the South of Russia, capital of the Republic of Adygea. The first mention of the city of Maykop, height Maikop, Maikop gorge was recorded in the early 19th century in the Russian papers during the Caucasian war. In January 1810, a detachment under the command of General Bulgakov made a trip to the land Temirgaliev, mahoshevtsev, abadzekhs, everwhere in the valleys of the rivers Elbe, Chihuhuas (White) and Kurdzhips. The official name of the city received only in 1870. The population of Maykop in the year 2014 amounted to 146 000 people. The city is located at an altitude of 220 meters above sea level. Maykop is famous for its clean air and pristine nature of its surroundings.

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