Webcam Maykop - A bird feeder

See on webcam A bird feeder and watch the weather in Maykop

Вебкамера Погода в Майкопе Обновление картинки один раз в минуту.

About webcam "A bird feeder" in Maykop

Maykop is a small town in the southern region of Russia, to travel its length and breadth in just over an hour. The city is situated in a picturesque place near the mountains, the river flows through its territory. By Maykop people who want to spend time in the North Caucasus mountains, to see the caves, to enjoy the clean river, to see the dolmens, and more. Few people even in Russia knows about the existence of this city, he is not popular in the network, his name is not I repeat tourists. Departing on the black sea coast, but he like most other cities in the world today is the Internet. Weather camera mounted in the city, it helps to know the climate in the area. The device operates in real time, all information is fed to the computer with a small gap of a few seconds, which is negligible. The picture is clear, the shooting is done at night, so you will always stay in the loop. to watch the broadcast any network user, regardless of their own location, it is sufficient that the network connection was high quality.

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