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About webcam "Alley arches - say Hello" in Moscow

Alley arches – say Hello to the rather unusual design, which attracts under your arms every day hundreds of tourists and locals. Under the arches you will find benches where you can hide from the summer heat under the canopy of huge hardwood trees. Particularly memorable sight is opened to vacationers after dark, when the crooks begin to light up many lights. Here, behind an object located a large Park area, which is the best suited for Hiking. Thanks to a webcam installed here, any man, wherever he lived and what in the world was not, there is an opportunity to discover one of the attractions of the Russian capital. Webcams operates around the clock, the picture is served in real-time that attracts the most. The camera covers the entire object and the access road to it with pedestrian crossings. After watching for a little over a activity of people it's safe to say the large demand of this place. Some people prefer just to walk, other fun talk, and others take off on the camera object. Around the alley has enough space to drive on rollers or bicycles.

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