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Moscow is a lively city, its endless traffic jams have become one of the most important problems for the citizens. Everyone, striving for work, wants to know in advance where the city has become stagnant, only so you can reach the destination in time. In this area, radio stations are operating, reporting on which bypass roads and where you can get to, and now there are webcams installed above the trails. It is the web camera that gives the user a useful visual representation of how the road looks in real time. This broadcast goes to Novy Arbat Street, it captures only part of the route, but gives enough information and traffic jams. If you have never been in the capital, then know that this street is always with intense traffic, it is multi-band, but the marking with such removal of the lens from the road surface is not considered. Installed at a sufficient height, the camera is designed to provide round-the-clock broadcast to the Internet. The video is actively online, with any user. At a convenient time for him, you can start the broadcast. The camera is set to a high-quality and clear picture, even in a snowfall or heavy rain, it will give a clear idea of ​​the covered object. At night, only passing cars are visible on the video.

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