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The residential complex "White Rosy" is located in the north of the town of Kotelniki near the microdistrict "Experimental field". Consists of 8 monolithic-brick residential buildings, built on an individual project. The height of the houses is from 15 to 22 floors. Commercial premises are located on the ground floors. For car enthusiasts, there is an underground parking. A kindergarten is being built for kids. The residential complex has excellent transport accessibility. Next to it is the Kotelniki metro station, which will open in the coming months. Nearby are Novoryazanskoe, Dzerzhinskoe and Novoegoryevskoe highways. In the neighborhood are the Zhulebino microdistrict in Moscow and Belaya Dacha in Kotelniki. They have schools, kindergartens, hospitals, shops. Within walking distance are the Kuzminsky forest park, a reservoir, a large supermarket and a shopping and entertainment complex.

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