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On the territory of Russia is worth a lot of temples, churches, monasteries, all they are interested in not only believers but also tourists as objects of architecture. To cover all the churches and temples of man is not enough for the month,but today you can do all of this and for a shorter period of time, after the trip using only his own computer. In the country installed a webcam stream which is actively fed to the network. One of them gives a view of the Church of the Holy Trinity, located in Moscow. This is a unique opportunity to make unusual journey through the Holy places, without spending a penny. Strange as it sounds, but the modern Internet user, who has studied all the advantages and opportunities of technical progress, able to help themselves. For this you only need to have a computer or other device capable of reproducing a video signal and a good connection to the network. All today you can see it with my own eyes, enough to include a live broadcast from cameras installed in the country. The shooting is done in real time, to watch video online without any restrictions at the location. All videos are absolutely free to view and require only a little free time and a good connection to the Internet. Day and while the sun is at the Zenith, any user can look at the temple, after sunset, the picture quality is greatly reduced due to the lack of light source and distance from the object. the camera is always directed in the same direction, but its position was selected in such a way that people from this angle can see for yourself more useful information about the illuminated object.

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