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In different countries are actively working in the target institution, in which people gather with the same interests, so recently opened in Moscow Coto-cafe, where people come to cat lovers to discuss pressing issues with their Pets. Interior decoration of a room fully corresponds to its name, once it becomes clear who is respected in the doors of this institution. Of course, come in for a Cup of coffee here can any man, if he was curious, but mostly going it cat lovers. So that people could see the café, inside it was equipped with a webcam, to see the place staying within your own apartment, just enough to activate the live broadcast set up in the room of the device. To watch the camera can any Internet user and it is completely free, it is enough to have a good network connection. Online you can get acquainted with the peculiarities of the institution and remotely get acquainted with its visitors view, how is there day. For the management of a web camera has become a source of useful information and the ability to manage the process remotely. This device demonstrates the facility's premises, its tables, the walls, you can see how the waitresses carry the menu. In the frame of fall visitors, so if your friends are there now, you can see for yourself using the webcam. The device will be a good assistant in search of unknown information about the cafe, it will help to see how in reality the life within it. Webcam working around the clock, but the cafe is closed at night, so after work time, little interesting can be seen on the broadcast.

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