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The Kremlin and Red square in Moscow – one of the main attractions of Russia, where the tourists go to enjoy and feel the Russian spirit. Of course to enter the territory of the Kremlin without special permission is impossible, but to observe them and to assess the scale and architecture of buildings not only standing in the square, but sitting at home. For those who have no opportunity to see these sights were installed a web camera, feeding the image to the whole world, just to have a good Internet and a device for receiving and broadcasting video signal. The webcam works in real time so you always have operational information about what happens on the illuminated the whole world territory. The square in front of Kremlin always crowded with people, in whatever time you have not included the stream. People come here not only tourists to make memorable colorful pictures, but also locals who just spend time with friends and family. It is on the square, thousands of people flock to hear the chimes in the New year, and if earlier you could not see how the Muscovites celebrate the coming year, but now you have such an opportunity. Enable the web camera in the new year's eve, turn up the sound and meet the holiday with thousands of other people.

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