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About webcam "Metro Kuzminki" in Moscow

Moscow is a huge populated city, which is under the gaze of numerous video surveillance cameras. Not all of them can see anyone, but recently there have been cameras. Broadcast with such devices serves the whole world on the Internet, simply start the web camera. Another place that highlights to the masses, became the metro Kuz'minki. The device is aimed at the subway entrance and covers the whole of the immediate area, including the road, pavement, shops and other buildings. Running web Cam in real time around the clock, in addition to the live broadcast have the opportunity to activate the sound, then you will not only see what lives in the city, but also to hear. At night stream does not stop, the picture quality gets a little worse, but thanks to the light sources still visible silhouettes of passers-by and what is happening on the street. Thanks to the webcam you can see the city not only with its best and most popular areas, but those are of little interest to tourists. The only way to make a true and clear picture of the area in Moscow.

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