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Moscow belongs to one of the largest cities in the world, it is impossible to cover for a day or even for two of its territories, so there were installed web cameras, which in addition provide also security for residents, creating open broadcasts on the network. This device is installed on a multi-storey building and is aimed at Lensky Prospekt in such a way that the picture gives the user a maximum of useful information about it. The picture even due to the removal is clear and contrasting, even in bad weather the object is perfectly visible from this position. Webcam works around the clock, it can be an assistant to those who have planned moving or want to see weather conditions in the city. Leninsky Prospekt is a small microinfrastructure, along it there is a wide multi-lane highway, along the roadside there is parking for cars and behind, in the background there is a view of the sleeping area. Count the number of standing buildings is not possible, as well as better to view small objects because of the distance of the lens. On the other hand, it is from here that the view on the avenue opens completely and you can estimate for yourself about the object itself and the small area around it.

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