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As you know Russia is a multinational country where a vast number of people practicing different religion. In the city Moscow which is the capital of Russia, located not only Orthodox churches, but the mosque in which Muslims come to pray. As is known in the mosque arrive only men, and the mystery remains behind the walls of the building, but it is now possible to see how the prayer and even to hear her. in the temple was a web camera that allowed anyone to see the service. This feature is especially important for those who believe, but is not able to visit the mosque. The device works round the clock in real time, you can being in the house to turn on the stream at the time of prayer, and by increasing the volume to pray with the people there. Modern opportunities allow people to learn more about another faith, to respect their culture and traditions. This is a unique opportunity for students in religious faculties to see the traditions of Islam, to observe the conduct of the ritual prayer, to study the characteristics of ordinances. For those who are just interested in the question of the decoration of mosques and domestic architecture of the web Cam offers a unique opportunity to see more detail and to consider the walls, furniture and other items inside.

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