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Football fans around the m ru would like to have more information not only about the remarkable stadiums and the games, but the simple arenas that are designed to meet youth teams. On most football fields today have a web camera, a picture from the scene during the world Cup or a friendly meeting, but not all of them are working around the clock in real time to satisfy the interest of users worldwide. The football field of the club Megasfera covers today on the Internet that it was possible not only to increase the interest of users to it, but also to give broadcast small tournaments in open access. Those who cannot come to the city, but wants to see the game, just need to connect the computer to the network and activate the stream. For complete control on site field was installed - web-camera stream is supplied absolutely free of charge, regardless of the location of the user. Users worldwide benefit from the opportunity to see with own desktop for the game in Moscow. In the night time field is empty, the light turns off but the camera continues to shoot the empty field.

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