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When you could see the ant under the microscope? This opportunity is not for everyone, but if you would suggest to see how to develop a working relationship in such a large family, who is responsible for what and what are the habits of the insect, would you refuse it? Moreover you have a real opportunity to give new knowledge to your child that maybe in the future will connect their lives with animals, stream nest would be his big step forward towards this goal. So today, any Internet user can observe the everyday life of ordinary ants and though it is not a natural environment, their habits are not much different. In Moscow there is a web camera, the main character of which is ant aimed his microscope small insects become visible animals, which can usefully be explored. You yourself or together with your child can watch as the ants feed their brethren, when hatch eggs, who do not work and who works constantly and a lot more. The web camera is located directly over the anthill, but it seems that she is inside it, so the insect is clearly seen as the area around them. Ants are insects, which do not allow to take in their daily lives because of the size and structure of the nest, any interference just ruins it, and the webcam allows you to do this, but to learn new and amazing things.

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