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In Moscow like to come people not only from other countries but also from cities located throughout Russia. Some come here to find work, it's no wonder, because the capital gives large prospects for young people, others go to the universities, but the third group of people – tourists, who arrive in the city to enjoy its attractions. Moscow – city of many millions, its territory is so vast that even the locals in his entire life can't always study the area completely. One of the most colorful spectacles opens from the height of the Ostankino tower. Panorama from the height allows a completely different way to look at the object to see the total architecture of the city, as located by the river. The day before you one picture, but at nightfall, the city starts to live a different life and offers a completely different spectacle, which is impossible to evaluate standing on the ground, but enough to rise to the height of bird flight. To all those interested had the opportunity to see all this, were installed the webcam and started up a public stream to the network. To open the stream just enough to have a good Internet connection and the device receiving the signal. At night the camera continues to work, and the shooting takes place in real time, which is especially exciting. No matter what country you are located, you always know what is happening on your computer screen, then there is at the moment on the other side of the planet.

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