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Who did not dream to look at the Red Square in Moscow, which has a rich history and important importance for the capital. Regardless of the time of day and date, there are always a lot of people, including tourists. On the territory there are small trays with souvenirs, food is sold, musicians and artists who earn their living cost. You can see Red Square without flying into the city, it is enough to have a computer or tablet at hand to run this broadcast through them. From the camera you will not see the Kremlin and maybe you will be disappointed. The lens of the device is directed directly to the territory of the square itself, so after the launch you have before your eyes people, a small alley with trees and a road. The main purpose of installing the web camera was to give as much information about the illuminated object, in fact, exactly so it turned out. The more the territory I wanted to cover, the more the web camera was removed from the surface. As a result, now people passing through there are only small silhouettes. But there was an opportunity in general to imagine what the object looks like. At night, the broadcast deteriorates, the absence of a night shooting mode does not allow high quality images to be transmitted.

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