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Moscow – a unique city that has a rich culture, unique lifestyle, magnificent architecture, its territory will never be boring and that is why tourists rush here to enjoy the unfamiliar flavor. If you can't afford a trip to the city , the webcam installed in the area, the perfect companion to stay aware of what is happening in the capital. The device broadcasts a picture on the entire world in real time, you will have an opportunity without leaving home to observe the night and day life of many regions. This webcam overlooks the Ryazan prospectus, it demonstrates the General background with its shops, sidewalk playgrounds, residential buildings and hurrying people. After sunset on the square a huge number of working flashlights, so you can easily watch what you do here, people. The picture quality does not change depending on the time of day when you want to see what's happening on the Avenue. The fun starts after sunset, when included hundreds of neon lights of local bars and restaurants, people rush to relax from a hard day, and the city begins to play with totally different colors. If you were not in Moscow, but I dream to find yourself there, webcam a unique opportunity to do this inexpensively, you can simply connect your device to the Internet and make sure it takes the video signal.

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