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The development of modern possibilities of technical progress has allowed to equip the streets of our cities is such a useful device as a web camera. It is possible not only to get acquainted with different countries and cities. But to observe the animals, to see the sea, to follow the work of bars. Shops and other premises. More the organization is committed to making its work more transparent to do this picture with installed on their site the webcam broadcast throughout the world. To view any video, including service station in Moscow enough to have a connection to the Internet and a device to playback pictures. The camera station operates around the clock, but at night, except the empty box on the screen to see nothing, because the organization shuts down and the employees go home. If your car is currently at the station, you can easily sitting at home to observe the work of specialists and not to worry about your vehicle. Everything that happens is clearly visible on the web camera in detail, you can see what you do master how fast things are moving.

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