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In Moscow, several ice rinks, which are located in different areas of the city and which are distinguished by livability, size and other qualities. If you have just arrived in Moscow and definitely want to go to one of them, but you have little time and you can't travel by the rollers, are installed on a web camera will help you to sitting at home to choose from. Ice skating rink in Sokolniki as well as other illuminated device, the frame gets not only the fabric itself but also nearby structures. There is always a lot of people, some come just to spend their free time in the company of friends, others are training hard. The web camera transmits the image in real time around the clock, it is possible to observe at what time of day here comes most people. Thanks to the device you will always have the operative information concerning that, how much of the project site. It is due to the device you can save your own time and decide on a trip without leaving home.

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