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If you have never been interested in space, and never visited the planetarium, and why spend your free time on something that is not mesmerizing you. Now to waste time is not necessary, it is possible to see the Sun through a telescope without leaving home. You say that it's impossible, but we will be happy to argue with you when you suggest to turn the stream on our website. It is a unique spectacle that captivates from the first seconds of viewing. If you could only hear that in the Sun there are storms, and constant explosions, then you now have a unique opportunity to see how it really happens. For those who always tries to learn something new webcam has become a unique helper that saves time and money. The survey was conducted with the telescope, installed in Moscow, it is most likely to be watching the people whose profession involves the study of the planets, but the decision was made, now let everyone who wants to will be able to see the planet.

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