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About webcam "School 1392 in Novy Vatutinki" in the city Moscow

School 1392 in Novy Vatutinki in Moscow is an opportunity to once again have a good time and just enjoy new spaces for personal observation. Now you will have an opportunity to spend time pleasantly and simply enjoy new spaces that will be completely and completely directed to the school of this housing complex. Now you will have the opportunity to simply observe the school and the activity of the children who study there and frolic at the changes. Of course, only the playground at the entrance and the path around the school get to the camera lens, but this is enough to observe the activity of the children. But do not immediately close the page with the camera, because it has a number of interesting places. For example, on the top right are the sports grounds. Yes, their visibility is not so detailed, but, nevertheless, they nicely complement all available spaces for review. Behind the school there are fresh houses. Some of them are already finished and can be rented for settlement, while others are still being built, so you have a great opportunity to observe the process of erecting skyscrapers. In general, the camera allows you to look at many details, most importantly, pay attention to all available options of attention and try to extract from this benefit. Another nice point is that the school serves as an excellent occasion for evening walks. You can see how children actively walk, frolic and play sports games on the playgrounds. Sometimes adults and lovers walk around the school grounds. It remains only to have time to catch this moment and try to use it effectively. We are confident that you will achieve a favorable value and will definitely get a flurry of emotions. After all, there are not so many ideal schools and yards, so you are provided with aesthetic comfort. We wish you a pleasant stay!

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