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About webcam "square SKK of a name of V. N. Blinova" in Omsk

The Russian city of Omsk, a fairly large metropolis in its territory established a quality for residents infrastructure. There are places, major interchanges, and more. Square SKK of a name of V. N. Blinova is popular with young people, come here to relax and have fun in the noisy company in the fresh air. Even moms with children like to walk along the square, especially when the sun gets to the Zenith. You can see it running through not so long ago online. It is fed into the grid around the clock, without any restrictions to access. There is a small row of trees, a Parking place and the road. In fact nothing remarkable web camera to captures, but one of many possibilities how to explore the city remotely. Stream can be useful for those who want to move here for permanent residence, the citizens and everyone just tearing into curiosity. Video popular abroad, many people want to see firsthand on a Russian city, they are interested in their appearance. Equipment and other issues. Web camera provides, shooting never stops, day or night. The picture quality is excellent, all objects within the lens can be clearly seen, only after dark it is difficult to distinguish anything, but the reason for this becomes insufficient artificial light. If you left the car here, the camera will allow you to monitor its location.

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