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Bridges played in the life of a person important role, without them it would be impossible to develop new areas, and in the modern world to expand the space of cities. Inside the city of Omsk also includes a bridge main purpose of which is connecting two areas. The road bridge was built in accordance with safety requirements, but according to its length it cannot be referred even to the middle, is a small passage from one end side to the other, which is to see today you can own, using online translation is installed there is a web camera. If you look at the video it becomes clear that the road bridge is designed for two opposing traffic and a short distance on either side for pedestrians. This is enough in order not to create traffic jams in the passage through the water. The bridge stands on a solid Foundation, the height of a few tens of meters, so it has a great angle. A video camera mounted in front of the object transmits a picture of the clock in real time, to watch the video, anyone can network for free. The quality and brightness of the image will appreciate, the problem with the transmission of video arise only under one condition – the user has bad network connection. Webcam completely covers the bridge, and the shores around it, and a small part of the city after crossing the river. So that people could fully appreciate the scale of the buildings the camera was mounted remotely from the object, so only managed to catch the necessary foreshortening.

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