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About webcam "The district town of oil industry workers" in the city Omsk

Omsk is a huge city, on the territory of which there are several microdistricts. It is a modern metropolis, one of the hallmarks of which are the wide streets. Where you do not look it seems the roads of this city are designed for several lanes, but this is not the main thing, the main thing is that now Omsk and its microdistrict the town of oilmen can be seen through the lens of the web camera installed there. The picture is sent to the network around the clock in real time, which means that the broadcast gives each user reliable information about the object. A wide track, parking for cars and buildings gets into the broadcast frame. There is nothing remarkable in this place, but it like others can give a clear idea of ​​the city. The camera is set at a height, from this position it covers more territory. The picture quality is always excellent, regardless of the weather conditions. The covered object does not have enough light, so after sunset, the silhouette clarity can be erased. In details of the machine and people on the online broadcast is not considered, a strong removal from the ground does not allow it to be done. The broadcast is completely free for users and is available at any convenient time.

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