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About webcam "The intersection on the Avenue of Karl Marx" in the city Omsk

To travel around the city of Omsk it is possible and without leaving your own apartment. On site were installed a web camera, a picture from different parts of the city around the clock. This stream is served from a web camera, the lens which enters the intersection on the Avenue of Karl Marx. The webcam works online, broadcast without interruption and available to users anywhere in the world, where there is access to the Internet. The camera is focused on the intersection so that it completely cover. A small distance from the object is allowed to provide a maximum of useful information, that is, a web camera shows the buildings, roads, paving paths and other elements that reside within the intersection. Stream easy runs on the computer the day you can see traffic events on the Avenue, and small silhouettes of people. At night, the webcam does not cease to work, and the intersection is also clearly visible through the camera lens due to the large number of lights. They are sufficient to illuminate the prospectus so that the user can see it in detail. If you look closely, it becomes clear that the prospectus is a flat paved space wide area. On its territory there is nothing but there built administrative buildings, and in the foreground catches the frame of the access road. The webcam gives a clear picture, so the user doesn't have to peer at the computer screen to review the prospectus.

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