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Advantage of modern web cameras is that they help users traveling around the world. The majority of large Russian cities are widely reported on the Internet through the lens installed there web cameras. Was no exception and Omsk, which can be seen in all its glory at any time of the day. The intersection on street of Marshal Zhukov, the camera it was decided to put on one of the pillars located on the highway. Webcam does not fully cover the intersection, only its Central part, the lens gets a road and a building on the corner. If you look to the right you can see the sidewalk path and pedestrian crossing. The web camera will be your helper, if there is a need to know about the incident in the coverage area. It works around the clock, online activation only requires a quality connection to the network. The webcam delivers the stream to the network without disruptions, delays the appearance of an indication of bad connection to the Internet, watching a video anywhere in the world absolutely free for users. After sunset you can continue to see the intersection, there is traffic flow and the building in the foreground. The location of the device closer to the road allows to cover a large distance, the area in which the facility is located remains outside the field of view of the user, but you can activate the other webcam to see Omsk from the height of bird flight. The picture of this broadcast is cut off right and left and does not see the street further away from the intersection.

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